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Exposición en la Galeria Coma Estadella.

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Carmina Solà i Solè
Exhibition at Cercle de Belles Arts of Lleida.

For many years i heve been doing several exhibitions in different cities with different themes.In the next Gallery you'll find a sample of different works.

Exhibition Humanitas, in Lloret de Mar (august2013).

Exhibition O Sole Mío (may 2015).

Exhibition at Cercle Belles Arts of Lleida (march 2019).

IV Meeting Urban Sketchers of Catalonia, at Turó Seu Vella (may 2019).

Geometry, the code of univers.

Geometry is a metaphor, the holographic form of the ordering of the Universe.
It is the study of the proportions, patterns, systems, codes and symbols that are found in the structure of the life of matter and beyond.
> It is the footprint, the digital brand of creation.
You observe everything, natural or artificial, under a microscope or at a glance. The structure, the framework is geometry.
It is the dance of the forms that combine, that are made and unmade ... continuously in space, in time.
Use the spy eye. Look and discover that everywhere you find geometry. Dressed to please, to surprise and to protect the life that circulates through its fabric.
You know , Geometry is the genesis of all forms, its a way to understand who we are, where we come from and where we go So the ancient sages have said.
It is a perfect code that transmits information.It is an ancient science inherited from Egyptian and Greek knowledge.We are living in a semiotic universe, built from signification processes. We elaborate these meanings on the basis of structures, codes, languages and symbols.
Nature has its own language and is also geometric.
The sages call sacred Geometry to the code found in the nature.
The great Masters of all time have applied the sacred geometry to the Arts, geometry, architecture,music , science,the avant-garde physics, mathematics.
The biology has found it in DNA, in animals, plants,in mineral structures and do you know the reason?
Because is the science that studies the structures, proportions, the measures of the matter of the Earth and its sacred because of his relation with the principle of self support (particulates, quantum) and because today we know that the fundamental nature of the material world is only possible to know by the patterns that are found in the limit structure of matter and does exist as geometric structures of forms of wave You can guess that we go along paths of diverse sciences as the quantum physics,chemistry,biology and so in all fields of knowledge.You only need to realize that everything is related through geometry.From a diamond to the Solar System, from a flower to the human body, breathe geometry, think .... and enjoy.

Carmina Solà i Solé

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