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From the beginnings to the present day

Thought creates reality., an artist weaves the vibration and offers it to the world.This is my job.
From the beginnings to the present day, the human being treats art as a vehicle that transmits emotions, feelings and information about everything that is and always has been, but he does not know what he knows, his language comes from a higher plane that interprets through the image from the deepest to the most obvious about everything that is.
The secret of Art is to speak to the essence of the observer beyond the time and temporal space that generations fill in all cultures.
The Artist has the mission to speak to this human being as their forerunners did., so that he never forget who is and who can be".
Carmina Solà i Solé

Artistic Curriculum

Carmina Solà i Solé

Degree in fine Arts-Fine Arts Faculty of Sant Jordi Barcelona 1976.
History of Art University of Lleida 1990.
Interdisciplinary postgraduate of perennial philosophy 2006-2012.

· Second prize quick painting Vila de Verdu 1975.
· Since 1976 till September 2001 has been teaching drawing at Sagrada Familia School from Lleida.
· 1975, Collective Exhibition of Lleida Artists in the Terraferma Gallery in Lleida.
· 1981 Collective exhibition in the Fine Arts Circle of Lleida.
· 1985 Making of the official Logo of Sagrada Familia School of Lleida.
· 1986-1992 Ceramic studies-Escola Palou in Lleida.
· Teaching work in Escola Lestonnac in Lleida from 1986. Currently working.
· 1986 Second provincial prize, IV National drivers Education Contest. winning Project Director.
· 1991 Realization of the drawing of the Renaissance Facades of the Cloister Seu Vella in Lleida ordered by the University of Lleida during the first Congress of Seu Vella from 6 to 9/03/1991.
· 1991 Escola Blanquerna permanent training course for secondary education reform.
· 1991 Collective exhibition of Lleida Artists for the Manos Unidas campaign.
· 1991 Collaboration with the firm Art España in the opening of the branch in Lleida.
· 1991 Design of the theatrical Costumes for two companies working with the spectacles Company La Traca from Lleida.
· 1992 Drawing of the fringers and details of the collection Tapestries Treasure of the Catedral ordered by Associacio amics de la Seu Vella.
· 1993 Drawing of fringes, floral and mitological decoration of the tapestries of the treausure of the Catedral From Lleida Ordered by the Department of History and Art of the University of Lleida.
· 1994 individual Exhibition of sculpture in Sala Coma Estadella of Technicals Architects School of LLeida.
· 1995 individual Exhibition of sculpture Sala Vaireda (Santa Pau, Girona).
· 1996 Collective Exhibition .Second autumn Salon of Sculpture at the Cult.ure House of Diputacio de Lleida.
· 1997 Collective Exhibition "7 dies d'Escultura" in Torregrossa (Lleida).
· 1997 Individual Exhibition of Sculpture Sala Comun de Particulares in La Pobla de Segur (Lleida).
· 1997 IV Collective Exhibition of Sculpture in El Poal (Lleida).
· 1998 Individual Exhibition of Sculpture Sala Banca Catalana in Lleida.
· 1998 Collective Exhibition of Sculpture and paintings Manos Unidas (Lleida).
· 1999 Direction of the first Course of ceramics and small sculpture in La Pobleta de Bellvei (Lleida).
· 2000 Direction of the second Course of ceramics and small sculpture in La Pobleta de Bellvei (Lleida).
· 2001 Individual Exhibition of Sculpture Sala Comercial de Dissenys in Alpicat (Lleida).
· 2001 Direction of the third Course of ceramics and small sculpture in La Pobleta de Bellvei (Lleida).
· 2001 work as drawing teacher.Currently working.
· 2002 Presentation to contest of the work "Labor" to the V prize of sculpture UGT de Catalunya.
· 2003 Individual Exhibition of Sculpture in Vallbona de les Monges (Lleida).
· 2006 Mostra Salo de Tardor de Lleida , Collective exhibition of drawing and painting Artists.
· 2005 Collective Exhibition Unicef Lleida.
· 2006 1st Sculpture and painting preparatory Course of Fundacio Ibercaja.
· 2007 second Sculpture and Modeling of Fundacio Ibercaja.
· 2008 Exhibition Colegi L'Estonnac From Lleida "L'art a l'escola Pintura i Escultura.
· 2009 Watercolor sample "El cos Huma" the human body in the Sebastia Petit Gallery in Lleida.
· 2010 Modeling Initiation Workshop for children -Taller Aiguablava i Lleida.
· 2011 Collective Exhibition of Artists from Lleida "Sculpture and Painting"-Hall del Rectorado de la Universitat de Lleida.
· 2012 Individual Exhibition of Sculpture NASCITURUS in the Monestir de les Avellanes.Mural of the Medieval Banquet in the Museu de Lleida.
· 2013 Individual Exhibition HUMANITAS in the Public Library of Lloret de Mar.
· 2016-2017 Sample Escola Armengol: Nude Model.
· Meeting Urban Sketchers from Catolonia, in Seu Vella (May, 2019).  

Fragments of critics and articles.